Child Custody Private Investigation Services Sydney

  • Do you share custody of your children?
  • Are you going through a tough custody battle?
  • Do you suspect your ex-partner neglects them?
  • Is it possible that your ex-partner earns more money than they declare in relation to child support?

Child Custody/ Family Court Investigations

We understand that your child is the most precious thing in your life; you will stop at nothing to protect them and ensure their happiness and safety. Unfortunately this may not be the case for every parent and this lack of care can act as a constant source of unhappiness and stress if you feel that your ex-partner is not providing an adequate level of childcare, evading child care repayments or acting as if your children are the last things on their mind.

With a team of handpicked Investigators from Elite Surveillance Group of private investigators located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Perth, there is no job too big or too small. We have years of experience handling delicate and private matters for families dealing with the difficulty of going through a custody disagreement.

Whilst the Family Law Court of Australia will not dispute that conditions and actions such as violence, gambling, alcohol or substance abuse or fraud are circumstances unfit for a child to be exposed to, the matter of proving these circumstances is not straight-forward. You are required to provide solid evidence that can be difficult to obtain without the latest technology, skills and proficiency that our private investigators are equipped with.

Do You Suspect Your Ex-partner is Neglecting Your Children’s Needs?

Are they possibly indulging in activities such as drinking heavily with a child present? We are trained to conduct comprehensive surveillance on an individual to obtain information as to their whereabouts, activities and associations that can provide the video and photographic evidence required in the Courts to achieve success in your custody case. We have access to intel that enables us to pre-empt movements, gain an understanding as to why someone may be in a certain location or part-taking in a certain activity and also expose the wrong doings of the individual at hand.

We speak with you prior to taking on any new case and get a proper understanding of the current position that you are in before creating a tailored investigation service to deliver the outcome you need whether it be for peace of mind or for an up and coming court case.

Do not hesitate to contact our trusted team of investigators today to discuss your case on 1300 365 883.

Private Investigation Child Custody Case Studies

Child Support Case

Elite Surveillance Group private investigators were engaged by a Sydney based law firm to conduct surveillance on a male Subject over a 3-day period. The Male was alleging in submissions to the family court that he was not working and therefore had no money to pay child support to his ex wife. Our investigation revealed that the Subject was working on each of the days we carried out surveillance and appeared to be in a managerial position within the company. Covert video was exposed over the 3-day period that depicted the Subject working. Elite Surveillance Group provided a detailed report and DVD to the law firm on the completion of the job. The evidence our elite private investigators obtained was presented in court that greatly assisted the Clients case.

Child Custody Case

A private client in Melbourne engaged our elite team of private investigators to conduct surveillance on his ex partner whilst she had custody of 2 children from the previously separated marriage. During our investigation we were able to obtain evidence of the Subject spending countless hours at a local bar drinking and gambling with friends whilst the children were left at home alone.

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