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From our corporate HQ in Sydney, Elite Surveillance Group of Private Detectives provide highly trained surveillance operatives, Australia-wide.

  • Are you looking for a long lost friend or relative?
  • Unsure what your partner is up to when they say they are working or going out?
  • Do you suspect that someone is taking advantage of your finances although they don’t need to?

Our team of Private Investigators at Elite Surveillance Group pride themselves on obtaining the highest level of proficiency and ability.

With a hand picked team of Private Investigators in Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin and Adelaide, we strive to fulfill your requirements and bring you peace of mind. We operate in both urban and rural locations with both corporate and personal clientele.

The art of surveillance is one that requires highly skilled experts to conduct covert investigations on certain individuals with the aid of cameras to capture valuable evidence that can be utilised on a personal level or in litigation. Surveillance is often conducted when you may suspect a husband or wife of cheating, drug abuse, fraudulent claims for compensation, custody battles, child abuse or neglect, criminal activity such as theft or gang involvement, corporate espionage or breach of employment contract. When dealing with such situations we do so with the upmost respect and subtlety so as to maintain your privacy and safety.

Private Surveillance Investigation Australia

When surveillance is requested we assess your request and design a surveillance strategy that will achieve optimum results. We send the required amount of Private Investigators in to the field to follow the individual in their day-to-day activities. This can involve anything from following them to their place of work, appointments, holidays, social events, shopping, sport and more. Whilst following the individual we obtain video using the latest in high tech video surveillance equipment.

Although the idea of following someone through traffic, training with them at the gym or dining alongside them (all whilst filming) seems an arduous task for most, it is all but in a simple days work for our skilled operatives. With countless years of experience, our team is qualified to conduct surveillance on even the most suspicious and guarded characters in any environment.

We utilise customized high definition camera equipment to film high quality footage in the dark, from great distances and with the greatest of discretion. We keep up to date with innovative technology such as video cameras and covert video cameras. With the footage that we capture we go on to compose a detailed report inclusive of descriptions of the targets daily movements, relationships and any other relevant behaviour.

We maintain a constant channel of communication with you whilst on the job to keep you up to date.

If you have any queries in regards to surveillance, please do not hesitate to contact us our expert team on 1300 365 883. We are more than happy to discuss your unique situation and devise a plan that will achieve the results you are after.

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A local council employed the services of Elite Surveillance Group to ascertain if a licensed venue was adhering to the set license conditions, in particular, the closing times of a bar. To successfully gage the closing time of this venue our covert operative entered the premises, scouted the area and obtained a discreet surveillance position monitoring the activities of the venue. Throughout the course of the operation, it was found that the venue was exceeding the approved opening times by one hour. During the investigation our private investigator observed a bakery that was also opening outside the approved hours. The Council was unaware of this breach and appreciative of the fact that the surveillance task had alerted them to an additional violation of contractual obligations, thus exceeding expectations. Footage was obtained and included in the report provided to the council.


An established second hand car dealership contacted Elite Surveillance Group due to recent acts of vandalism on their premises. On a number of occasions several vehicles were damaged overnight and the CCTV security cameras did not provide any evidence that could assist with the issue. With thousands of dollars in damages being caused our Elite Private Investigators immediately constructed a multi-investigator team that covertly positioned itself around the car yard over a number of nights. When the vandals entered the premises we obtained evidence with night vision cameras that clearly identified the culprits and their activities. The team subtly followed each perpetrator to an address, which greatly assisted the police with arresting the vandals and bringing them before a court to resolve the issue and provide the car dealership with compensation for the damage caused.

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