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From our corporate head office in Sydney, Elite Private Investigation Surveillance Group supply insurance and fraud investigations personnel, Australia-wide.

  • Are you aware that insurance fraud amounts to costs over $40 billion dollars per year?
  • Are you concerned that someone you know may be committing insurance fraud?

Whilst many people do sustain genuine injuries and illnesses, a large number of these people tend to exaggerate the effect the ailment has on their life. As a result of the workers compensation legislation our Private Investigators have seen a steady growth in fraudulent claims, as insurance companies tend not to investigate each case.  If an employee of yours has made a claim you will no doubt be aware of the unfortunate fact that your premiums will increase dramatically. In addition to this, you face the cost of replacing the staff member whilst they are unfit to work.

Our investigators, comprised of a group of highly accomplished individuals based in Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide are trained with the skills to carry out investigations on individuals suspected of committing insurance fraud. We have the ability to covertly monitor these individuals and build up a profile of them including their day to day routine, relationships, activities, ailments and so on. As we are always recording with a camera we are able to supply solid evidence for the case. In some instances, we may film an individual walking with a cane in the right hand one day and on other days the cane is in the left hand. Simple indiscrepencies like these, often made by those who are not genuinely injured, combined with our expertise and ability to capture them at all times provides the ultimate opportunity to expose fraudulent activity.

In our experience, whilst not all cases are fraudulent, if the claim does not add up with the incident, there is always a good chance something might be awry.

We work to protect you, your business and your employees and if you feel that an aspect of an insurance claim requires investigation please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 365 883 to discuss your options and ascertain what would best suit your surveillance or factual investigation needs.


With money becoming a scare resource many will do whatever it takes to get it with as little effort as possible. A well-known insurance company employed our services to observe an individual who had submitted a claim stating that they were unable to work due to a recent injury. We have found that many claims like this are false and misleading and this case was no different. Although he claimed work was not an option, the subject of this case had opened up their own lawn mowing business with no discretion at all. We covertly observed him driving from house to house in a Ute that had advertising all over. At each home we was doing the lawn mowing himself and essentially spending multiple hours a day standing up, bending down and exerting himself physically. These actions did not comply with the claim he had lodged and as result of the thorough evidence we provided to the insurance company his claim was cancelled and the matter was brought before the courts.



An Insurance Company contacted us with suspicions that an individual claiming a back injury that prevented her from working, was in fact working ever day. After establishing a brief our private investigator positioned themselves outside the subjects home in the early morning. From here, the subject was followed to a local café in which they were working for 9 hours per day Monday to Friday. The subject was constantly standing on her feet, walking around bending over without any indication of pain. On her lunch breaks the subject went for an exercise run further suggesting she was not suffering from any pain. Her daily activities we covertly recorded and a report was formulated with the evidence that had been obtained. This report was submitted to the insurance company, which we are told cancelled the claim immediately.

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