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Locating an individual can be a very taxing and arduous task for those not equipped with the expertise and skills needed to find a person that could be anywhere in the world, hiding under an alias and living a life you know nothing about. We at Elite Surveillance Group specialise in such areas. Are you looking for a loved one, ex-business partner, debt fugitive, an old friend or even someone you have never met before? With so many dead end leads out there such a task can be emotionally distressing to say the least.

Locate Missing Persons NSW and Australia Wide

Our specially trained Private Investigators are equipped with a skill set that enables them to undertake original and proven detection services such as cold calls and ground visits in conjunction with computer science specific methods such as data mining, data pattern examination and result validation. Our strategic combination of investigative methods allows us to search far and wide to find that person you are looking for. Naturally we will require any information you do have on the individual to make the process as efficient as possible however whether you have a wealth of information or just a name, our efforts remain the same – to find who you are looking for.

Our services are available within the Sydney CBD, greater Sydney and New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, Northern Territory, Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory with overseas operations also possible.

Each year 35,000 people are reported missing in Australia. While 95 % of people are found within a short period of time, there remains approximately 1,600 long term missing persons; those who have been missing for more than six months

35,000 people go missing in Australia every year. 64

95% of missing people are found within 6 months. 66

1600 people remain missing after six months. 60

How to Find Your Biological Parents

A mature aged female client from Melbourne approached us with the intent of finding her birth mother. After many years of searching she had found no success and decided to employ our services. We were provided with information that was ‘hearsay’, a date of birth, a probable name and religion. Over the course of two weeks we utilised our expertise to put together the many pieces of the puzzle and ultimately find and locate the birth mother. We were able to provide the client with the appropriate contact information to enable communication.

Skip Tracing Australia

After a soured business deal we had a client from Sydney come to us in hope of finding an ex-business partner who had ‘skipped town’ and required some skip tracing (the process of locating an individual who has often left the general area and is avoiding any form of contact) . Whilst we were provided with information regarding previous whereabouts and a potentially false name no reliable or current information was given. Locating an individual of this manner does have its difficulties however Elite Surveillance Group has access to information and tactics that evade these obstacles. Over the short course of 8 days we located the subject and provided the client with the relevant information to open the lines of communication and begin the resolution process required.

How to Find a Long Lost Relative

Over the years communication between two parents and their son was lost due to a festering disagreement. The two parents, located in Brisbane CBD, had exhausted all possible methods of searching and were desperate to know how their son was and have the relief of knowing he was okay. Armed with a birth certificate and all information of their son up until he was twenty-five years of age, they came to Elite Surveillance Group and enquired about what we could do for them. After discussions and sharing of information such as a name, date of birth, interests and hobbies and physical appearance we assigned the job to one of our highly trained investigators who has 27 years’ experience in locating people. Within four days we had found the couple’s son who was residing in Sweden and the exchange of contact details were made which we are told led to a tearful but wonderful reunion.

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