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From our corporate head office in Sydney, Elite Surveillance Group of Private Investigators specialise in catching cheating spouses and cheating partners Australia-wide.

How to Get the Proof You Need That Your Partner is Cheating

At Elite Private Investigators Sydney, we specialise in busting cheating spouses and partners.

There are certain signs when you can feel that your partner may be cheating on you. They could be your partner avoiding your telephone calls and not returning your messages. There could be situations where your partner is trying to hide his or her mobile phone or tablet. Your partner may have started spending more time away from you and home and this may not have been the case previously.

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You need not be anxious about contacting us. It will cost you nothing to get in touch with us and discuss your surveillance needs.

Please keep in mind that we guarantee discretion, confidentiality and integrity when conducting investigations into cheating partners for our clients.

If you get the feeling that something is not right or are suspicious about your partner, our professional investigators can assist and provide you with the information you require.

In most cases, when our clients contact us and suspect their partner of being unfaithful, the suspicions prove correct. When the Subject is found to be honest and truthful throughout the investigation, the client has peace of mind. 

Signs Your Partner is Cheating on You:

  • Your spouse will come home late on a regular basis and this could be a recent development.
  • There will be a tendency to avoid your phone calls.
  • Watch out for excessive talk about some new friend or colleague at work.
  • Keeps checking emails at unusual times.
  • Your spouse may come home with damp hair and skin that is freshly soaped on a dry and hot day.
  • Avoids sex with you.
  • Sends text messages from the bathroom.



Elite Surveillance group was contacted by a woman from Melbourne with suspicions her spouse was committing acts of infidelity. Due to text messages she had come across and the fact that her husband seemed to be taking extra care of his physical appearance, she decided to contact us to arrange an investigation scheduled for when he was away on a two-day work conference in Sydney. We utilised two of our experienced covert private investigators for this job and covertly followed the man over the course of the two days. During this time he was observed meeting with a woman three times. The operatives recorded evidence of the male Subject and unknown female every time they met, including one morning in which they left a hotel together.


A married man was telling his wife he was going to the gym at around 7 pm every night. After noticing that her husband returned looking just as he did when he left, the wife decided to employ our services to find out exactly what her husband was up to. We covertly followed the subject for a number of consecutive days to establish his routine and found that the ‘gym’ was actually a work colleague that he had become romantically involved with. We obtained sufficient evidence of the two showing physical affection towards each other regularly, dining together and going to the female’s home on a number of occasions. With the evidence covertly recorded and documented, the wife had enough evidence to confront her husband and deal with the issue at hand.


After 7 years of marriage a husband felt a growing distance between his wife and himself. Unsure of the reason and due to previous acts of distrust he decided that employing a Private Investigator was necessary. Elite Surveillance Group ensured the man that the case would be delt with in a confidential and professional manner with constant contact between him and the agents a key factor in our investigations. Our covert operatives followed the woman on her day-to-day activities and gaged an idea of what she was doing, who she was seeing and what might be causing the distance in her relationship. Five hours in to the first day of surveillance our operatives observed the subject kissing and dining with another woman one hour from her home. Over the following days of observation the subject was recorded spending quite a number of hours with the other woman whilst they shopped ,ate, exercised, relaxed and at times visited each of their homes. At the cessation of the task the husband was provided with a detailed report and DVD documenting the investigators observations.


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