Alcohol Addiction and Gambling Addiction Sydney

Alcohol addictions and gambling addictions are significant issues in many homes throughout Australia. And as with many addictions, the partner or spouse is often the last to know.

Alcohol and Gambling Addiction Checklist

  • ​Is a family member coming home upset after work with no explanation?
  • Are they becoming distant from loved ones?
  • Do you believe they are spending time at the pub playing pokies?
  • Do you suspect drinking too much and driving?
  • Are you family’s finances suffering as a result of an addiction?
  • Is gambling becoming such a big problem they are lying to you?

A drug, alcohol, substance or gambling addiction is a scary thing. It has the capacity to take over the individuals’ life and deeply affect others around them. It can destroy loving relationships, employment, mental and physical wellbeing and financial stability.

Private Investigation Services for Alcohol Addictions and Gambling Addictions

If you suspect that a loved one has fallen victim to addiction you should be aware that confronting them about your suspicion is a delicate task.

They will often be defensive and at times, aggressive. Chances are they will disagree with anything you say without evidence to support it. Entering this form of confrontation risks pushing them further into their addiction and further away from you.

Males were far more likely than females to consume alcohol in risky quantities, and those aged between 18-29 years were more likely than any other age group to consume alcohol in quantities that placed them at risk of an alcohol-related injury, and of alcohol-related harm over their lifetime

For this reason, many seek Private Investigators to conduct surveillance on the suspected addict to confirm their suspicions. We are able to follow the individual, find out where they go, who they are with, what they do, assess the state they might be in (alcohol or drug affected), how much money they spend and review their general mental state. At the same time, we will be filming all that we observe to provide you with the evidence you need to help them begin the road to recovery. At the conclusion of an investigation we provide a comprehensive report that details exactly what was witnessed so that you have a full understanding.

An addiction is something that can get out of hand rapidly and cause great distress and dysfunction in the victim’s life. Please, if you have any concerns about someone, give us a call on 1300 365 883.

We want to help you and help those that you care about. After years of experience in this field, our team strongly believes that confrontation, supported by reliable evidence, can be very successful and at times, can save lives.

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Elite Surveillance Group was contacted recently by a concerned wife and mother; her husband had been coming home angry and distant for a number of weeks. Unsure why, we discussed the matter in depth and came to the conclusion that alcohol addiction was a potential cause for her husband’s actions. We assigned the job to two of our highly trained operatives who covertly followed the man on his daily activities inclusive of work, shopping and a bar that he regularly attended at night. Our operatives positioned themselves in a concealed position that allowed them to record video footage of the man drinking for hours on end each night. The video footage provided the wife with evidence as to exactly how much he was drinking and spending, where he was drinking and who he was with. This footage, along with our written report, provided her with the foundation to confront her husband and his addiction.


We received a request from a man that was unsure of his girlfriend’s activities throughout the night. Whilst she had told him she was working a late shift, their savings were going down and money was disappearing without reason. Something did not add up so he decided to employ our services to discover the cause for this suspicious activity. Throughout our thorough investigations which included following her from her place of residence to her work and then to numerous gaming rooms, we were able to obtain footage of excessive gambling. We covertly filmed her playing various games for 3 -4 hours a night and spending in excess of $500 each time. Whilst shocked, the partner was very appreciative of the results and the fact that he had solid proof to present to his girlfriend in order to deal with her gambling addiction.



Often a mother’s instinct is true and this story is proof of that. A mother emailed us with concerns for her 19 year old son who seemed to be out all the time, in constant need of more money and looking generally unwell. Considering the fathers recent troubles with alcohol, she was fearing her son had fallen in to the same trap. We set up an investigation that involved our investigators following the young man on his daily routine which consisted of a few hours’ work in the morning and then endless hours at the pub drinking and playing the poker machines. We observed this pattern for four consecutive days and presented the footage and lengthy report to the mother who was relieved she now had a basis to start helping her son get out of this destructive addiction.


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