How to Monitor Your Teenager’s Activities and Whereabouts

Are you feeling an increasing distance between yourself and your teen? Unsure exactly who this new crowd is that they’re hanging out with? You’re certainly not alone. With social media use expanding at a rapid rate it is now easier than ever for youth to connect with strangers from all over and gain exposure to drug use, cyber predators, crime and an array of other unthinkable externalities that you need to protect them from.

Many teenagers go through the phase of using a grunt to answer your questions, avoiding you at all costs and hiding their personal life. Whilst this can be normal, it can also be a sign that something is seriously amiss.

Protect your children by keeping an eye out for the following warning signs:

  • School marks dropping
  • Truancy?
  •  Emotional instability
  • Withdrawing from social or family activities
  • Truancy?
  • Suspected drug use
  • Different social groups and hanging with the wrong crowd

 We know that keeping a close eye on them can be hard when they just want to be with friends or believe its too embarrassing to be seen with mum or dad so this is where we can help. With our specially trained private investigators of all ages, we have the ability to blend in to the crowd whilst keeping a watchful eye on your teen.

Always discreet. Always Professional. Always Affordable.

We utilise the most innovative technology to obtain video footage, which we later share with you alongside a detailed report. We strive to maintain a steady stream of communication with you so you’re up to date with what your teenager is doing, where they are and whom they are with.

Monitoring Teenagers on Social Media

Our private investigators utilise extensive channels to conduct social media investigations to obtain a well rounded idea of your teenagers social media activity such as who they liaise with, who they are photographed with, where they ‘check in’ (log their location) and how they choose to present themselves to the public. If you want a report on your teenagers social media activity or regular monitoring of their online presence contact us on 1300 365 883.

Monitoring Teenage Events and Parties

  • Schoolies

This annual event tends to bring a large amount of stress to parents and understandably so with the growing violence, drug and alcohol culture in Australian society.  The party mentality sees these teenagers loosing all inhibitions and making choices they would not usually make back at home.

Monitor Your Children During Schoolies

Having a private investigator covertly follow your teen on their schoolies trip results in you having up to date information as to what they are doing, the state they are in and who they are with.

Having this knowledge gives you the option to make contact at the appropriate time, intersect poor decisions and provide you with peace of mind.

  • House Parties

With Facebook invites becoming increasingly responsible for parties getting out of hand it is hard to know if your teenager will be safe when attending a friends party or ‘gathering’. The trend of substance and alcohol use alongside the growing number of cases involving physical violence only adds to the concern for your teen’s safety and wellbeing.

If you are hosting a house party we strongly recommend contacting your local police station beforehand and registering the party. If however you are not in control of the event our team of elite private investigators are only one call away!

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