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You might think it’s unlikely that someone would go to the extent of covertly watching you or listening to you at your most vulnerable and private times but unfortunately that is not the case.

  • Are you dealing with confidential information such as legal issues, industry secrets, finances or disputes?
  • Are you involved in a divorce, custody battle or other disagreement?
  • Are you renting a property from a landlord that seems a little too interested in you?

Due to the vast array of invasive technologies available today, the risk of our privacy being compromised increases, as does the need for TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures), otherwise known as counter surveillance or bug sweeping.

Bug Sweeping Sydney

We ask you to consider the following to assess your risk of eavesdropping:

  • Do you have access to beneficial information?
  • Does someone know information that they shouldn’t? Such as your whereabouts although you didn’t tell them?
  • Do the locks on your doors feel right?
  • Are you suddenly hearing interference on your television, phone or radio?
  • Is your phone making unusual noises, is the speaker volume changing itself?
  • Have items in your home moved without explanation?
  • Has a tradesman turned up with no genuine reason?

Do you have an angry ex or an important business concept worth a lot of money to both you and your competitors? Whatever it might be, there is often someone who wants a bit more information than they are entitled to and will stop at nothing to get it.

With online stores selling devices from as little as a few dollars it has become almost too easy for people to access these covert pieces of technology and gain unwarranted access into your personal life. This can involve placing cameras in your home, listening devices in your office, car, phone or any communications device.

Our highly trained Elite Private Investigators utilize some remarkable pieces of technology to analyse your home, car, office, computers, radios and phones. We employ the use of cable analysers, metal detectors, lens detectors, RF detectors and more. We conduct physical searches and sweeps throughout your vehicle, residential home, holiday home, your office, staff member’s offices and other places you frequently visit. In addition to this we conduct electronic sweeps, frequency and interception investigations and more until we are absolutely certain your privacy is no longer compromised.

If for any reason you suspect that someone is listening to you or watching you please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 365 883. We will happily discuss your concerns with you and evaluate your need for a bug sweep. We are here to protect you and ensure your safety and right to privacy. We suggest you call from a discreet location and not from premises you believe to be compromised.

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