Would definitely recommend. I wont go in to the dramas that I had going on but I will say that Elite Surveillance Group definitely helped me out of what seemed a helpless situation. They were really kind and understanding of my situation and assured me they had seen it all before and knew how to deal with it. From day one of the investigation they kept me up to date with everything that was happening and provided me with great reports and footage at the end. I know these guys are just doing their job but I hope they know how much they have the potential to help someone’s life in so many ways that I cant even express. I am eternally grateful to them.
Private Client

Really good, competitive pricing and clear, concise communication. Thanks mate.
Private client

I had been shopping around for a few weeks to find the right PI Company and finally came across these guys. Compared with the other quotes I got this company had some really, really good prices and considering the results they got in the end I am pretty surprised they don’t charge a bit more because I have used this type of service before and the quality was pretty average. I guess Elite Surveillance Group are one of those gems…great find!
Private Client

As lawyers, we utilise private surveillance services on a regular basis. Elite Surveillance Group is the fifth one we have employed in the past two years as we haven’t found a company with consistency and reliability. After hearing a few success stories we looked in to Elite Surveillance Group and put them on to one of our ongoing cases. For legal reasons, I will not divulge the details of the case but I will say that as a company we were very pleased with the services and results we received. The outcome of the case was greatly assisted and the client was thrilled. For anyone looking for surveillance at a corporate level, I (along with many others I liaise with) would recommend Elite Surveillance Group
Sydney Based law Firm

Finally got to prove to everyone that my now ex was a liar and a cheater. No more wasting my time with someone who doesn’t love me! Finally free, thanks Elite Surveillance Group!!
Private Client

Does anyone know how hard it is to get someone to come out to the country and do some surveillance? We had a few ‘sticky finger’ issues here on the farm and we were racking our brains figuring out what to do. No companies seemed to want to come this far (we are 7 hours west of Sydney) but these guys were more than happy to do it. And best of all, they got the answers we were looking for with great evidence. Good work guys, you’ll be hard pressed finding someone else who would go to the lengths these guys do for a client.
Private Client

Myself and a few other parents were dreading the thought of that schoolies celebrations kids just have to have these days. Of course, our kids chose the Gold Coast even though we had offered to pay for an overseas trip. We all heard too many stories of things going wrong and wanted to know what our kids were doing so we actually decided to send a PI up there to keep an eye on them. The price we paid wasn’t too bad and worth it for the peace of mind we all had
Private Client
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